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Non Religious Wedding Ceremony

Beachside non religious wedding ceremony on Koh Samui island Thailand

Secular Wedding Ceremony on Koh Samui

With the number of mixed (interfaith) or non-religious marriages taking place, many couples today are opting to have a secular ceremony for their wedding. 

This allows them to include special readings, vows, symbols
or wedding themes that they may not be able to include in a religious ceremony or location. A secular ceremony contains no religious elements and can be performed in a venue of your choice, depending on the area in which you wish to get married in. 

Secular ceremonies also tend to be a favorite with the budget conscious couple, as they are usually much cheaper in the long run then a formal religious service.

All-in-all, a secular ceremony is much more flexible in today's world. You both may write your own vows and have any type of wedding theme you want, whereas a typical religious ceremony tends to restrict much of this. Here at Faraway, all our celebrants can provide sample texts of complete vows for your selection or you can supply your own entirely original vows if you wish.

Typically and most practically, an introduction by your celebrant begins the ceremony, followed by the recitation of your vows, and then the exchange of rings. Finally you will be declared husband and wife by the celebrant, though this a purely personal affirmation, as the legalities of your marriage will be handled separately.

If you are planning to make your with us here in Thailand, you might choose to have the officiating (signing of the documents) immediately following the ceremony. As most of the preparations will have been taken care of by Faraway beforehand, this takes only a few minutes, after which you can get on with your celebration!

For a secular ceremony, why not choose from these wedding experiences:

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Wedding on Koh Samui on ko samui thailand. Make it your perfect Thai wedding. Koh Samui, koi samui and kho samui are all common spellings for the name of our island.


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